H&M: Maria Ehrlich
Model: Amanda Seidenstücker 
Assistant: Jonas Nakonz 
Design: Amihan Zemp 
Photography: Nina Raasch 

(c) Nina Raasch

Coltrane Spring/Summer 2017

After the Rain is an all-organic collection made of the following materials:

  • Organic Ahimsa Silk: This silk from smallholder organic farmers in the Himalayas. It is vegan because silkworms are not harmed in the process (Ahimsa means non-violence). The ‘Kome’ pieces use a handwoven Ahimsa Silk that is hand pleated in Switzerland. Labels: GOTS, Fair Trade.
  • Organic Silk and Hemp/Silk blend: These materials originate from smallholder organic farms in China and India. Hemp is one of the most sustainable fibers, using less land and water than cotton and no chemicals at all. The farmers use organic polyculture for greater biodiversity and healthier soils. Labels: GOTS and Fair Trade.
  • Organic Linen: This linen has a subtle sheen. It is a fine local product grown in Germany, France or the Netherlands – It takes less energy to ship. Label: GOTS and Fair Trade.
  • Organic Cotton: Grown in Egypt, manufactured in Italy. Label: GOTS.
  • Organic Linen/Cotton blend: A blend of the two above. It is spun in and woven by a high quality manufacturer in Germany. Label: GOTS.