H&M: Maria Ehrlich
Model: Amanda Seidenstücker 
Assistant: Jonas Nakonz 
Design: Amihan Zemp 
Photography: Nina Raasch 

(c) Nina Raasch

Coltrane is a Swiss based designer brand initiated in 2016 by
Amihan Zemp.

“I want each of my works to be ‘my favorite things’. I use simple cuts to reveal the texture of beautiful natural fibers. They are the essence and life of clothing. I work with certified organic fabrics and yarns from responsible local suppliers. All items are designed and made in Switzerland. Our artisanal knit factory is over 150 years old and close to where i lived as a child. Other production partners are experienced tailors in Zurich and Lugano. This is a resilient ecosystem with a heritage I aim to preserve and develop”.

All pieces are designed and made in Switzerland.

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